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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Call of Duty 3(PS2)

Call of Duty 3 Cheat: Hold Your Breath

While playing as a sniper in multiplayer mode, you can steady yourself by holding your breath. To make your character do this, look into your scope and then hold down the L3 button (which is done by pressing down the left analog stick). This will only last a few seconds, naturally, but it will help you shoot more accurately.

Call of Duty 3 Stage Select Cheat
Unverified. On the chapter selection screen, hold SELECT and input RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE to unlock all stages. Schwing!
Call of Duty 3 Hint - Night Drop Mission Made Easier Than Returning Tapes To Blockbuster
When you meet up with the French rebels you will have a choice to go left to the Flak 88s or go through the house to the right. Go left to the guns, then kill all the Nazis around the gun and in the ditch leading to the next gun. Then, blow up the 88 and move on to the rest of the guns. After you blow up all the guns you will reach the house you would have if you went right. When you go in the house you must defeat a Nazi that is standing there waiting for you. Kill all the enemies in the house and fall through the burning floor. You will see your allies there waiting for you.

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